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As you can see, I’m not an ordinary person. Ever since I realized I have the power to predict the future, I knew that anything was possible for me, and I wasn’t wrong. I can predict things that are about to happen, and I can feel the vibrations of winning numbers in games like roulette or the lottery.I’m so confident of the value of what I “see” in your future, and of the advice I can give you, that I’m ready to offer you an initial Visionary Contact Session completely free of charge. Use it to take stock of your personal life. You’ll find it a surprisingly accurate study of your personality, of the main character traits that shape your Destiny, and increase the likelihood of experiencing certain problems. And there’s a big surprise in store for you, but I won’t say any more now. I’ll let you think about it. download

“George Tupak” is a robot email program in the huge and lucrative online-psychic business, and the only one I know of impersonating a male. He’s also relatively new, established in September 2011. His creators gave “him” an exotic name, a manly face, and an attitude. he still keeps “Tupak’s Secret Boutique,” selling a very obviously fatuous “Luck Activator”. Our fake shaman is pictured as a 30ish white American gent. “About Me” says his full name is Hiamovi Tupak, and that “Hiamovi” honors his Cheyenne Indian great-great grandfather who gave him his powers. But after starting out as “Tupak” he now calls himself “George Tupak.” Go figure.

I have a really clear picture of what the next few months/years hold for me. Unless Mr. Tupak is a blog reader or he Googles me, which would be cheating, there’s very little chance of his prediction being anywhere near accurate. Oh sure, he might get vague things like “you are considering returning to school”, which is a common occurrence for people my age. He might even get “a career change is on the horizon” which isn’t strictly true, but he could claim it amounts to the same thing, but again that’s entirely common for people in their 20s.images

Anyone feel like submitting themselves to Mr. Tupak’s expert wisdom? I’ll bite the bullet and give him my real info, but anyone worth their salt can find out most of my pertinent details inside of 15 minutes. I’d be interested to see what happens if someone whose entire life isn’t on a website makes a request. I’ll let you know what info I get back. A birth chart also known as kundli, janma kundali, janam kundali, janampatri, Vedic horoscope, Vedic chart, Hindu chart, Tewa, Teepna etc.  captures the precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at the individual’s birth moment. This information is used by astrologer to predict events and opportunities in Tupac Shakur’s life. It is a tradition in India to get the chart created for newborns which individual keep referring during Tupac Shakur’s. He’s young, handsome, and says he will tell you the truth whether you like it or not. He’s also the newest online-psychic bot on the block and more sophisticated. Tupak claims Native American descent and predicts you’ll win millions in lotteries and find true love if you stick with his costly services. What will you get from Tupak? See a review of Tupak, Visionary Shaman.

Those who’ve sampled free readings by Gabriella, Norah, Jenna, Pasqualina, and other proven “entertainment only” online psychic bots will find Tupak works the same way. Input your birth information and receive via email a link to your free online “reading,” very lengthy and vague and insisting that you click now and pay for a deeper reading.images (1)

Where our knowledge ends Astrology begins, a study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. We cannot deny that whatever is happening anywhere in the universe also affects man and vice versa. There is ‘Something’ which is essential between your life and that of the universe all of which is connected in a rhythmic harmony. Get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge called Astrology that helps understand a person’s personality, successes and failures and to forecast how someone will feel or behave over a period of time. Let’s have a look at celebrity astrology to understand what happens when the invisible cosmic forces play a game chess with them.


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